Sustainable access to innovative pharmaceutical technologies

Strategic advice and project management

Off the beaten track

Gaining access to innovative therapies (like Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products; ATMPs) asks for inventiveness. The current reimbursement system does not yet fully take the special characteristics of novel technologies into account. This is often also the case for rare diseases. OAK Access thinks in terms of solutions, within as well as outside the box. Moreover, a solid network of diverse stakeholders is available. This can be used to come to an agreement for efficient patient access, which could potentially include (financial) cross border health care agreements.

The right pathway

OAK Access gives strategic advice to gain reimbursement of pharmaceutical innovations. The goal is sustainable access for patients. This includes, besides reimbursement procedures and dossiers, value demonstration, conditions for appropriate clinical use as well as payment models. Analyses of bottlenecks and stakeholders will be part of the advice.

The full trajectory

OAK Access coordinates and implements all activities needed to gain market and patient access to innovative technologies. Cooperation and agreement with all relevant internal and external stakeholders have a central role. Other activities are, e.g., following existing central and/or decentral procedures, supervising the development of reimbursement dossiers, applying for add-ons, developing and/or executing financial negotiations with the Ministry of Health and Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN), as well as preparing reimbursement arrangements. If needed, sufficient connections are available to ensure deployment of optimal expertise.